“Help a Liberal Understand” Day

I was watching the news last night as I often seem to be doing. My ears perked up, and my mood went down, as I listened to the news of College Park, Maryland giving illegal immigrants the right to vote in local elections. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/09/13/illegal-immigrants-get-ok-to-vote-in-maryland-citys-elections.html Really?

This is just getting completely out of hand. Why bother becoming a citizen? The question specifically was asked by Tucker Carlson to a resident, who seemed to be all good with illegals voting in his city. His response paraphrased – OTHER rights become available as a citizen – like voting in FEDERAL elections. Let me just run these rails a bit. So, the liberals are good with illegals voting in local elections, but aren’t QUITE to the point of suggesting they vote in Federal elections – yet. Now, bearing in mind those same liberals DON’T want voter ID or any sort of voter identification rules in place, then how EXACTLY do they propose that we ensure that these illegals going into the polling place ONLY grab their LOCAL ballot and NOT a federal? Like the voting boards don’t already have enough problem trying to resolve CURRENT issues. This is just a scream for “Let’s NEGATE ALL VOTING” as almost EVERY election will be invariably completely fouled up as liberal city leaders jump on the “let everybody do everything! Rules? Pshaw.” Votes will be tied up in courts for weeks or months before things are resolved due to the “voting irregularities” that these misguided policies will cause. Just shaking my head.

As I contemplated this, and really NOT understanding why liberals seem so hard-headed on this topic, I hit upon the idea of “Help a Liberal Understand” Day.  Here’s how it’s going to go.

  1. We all have our favorite liberal friend. We’re going to go visiting our favorite liberal friend/couple/family for a bit.
  2. Gather YOUR family up – grab the kids and maybe even grandma and grandpa.
  3. I suggest going around 5-6pm. Around dinner time.
  4. DO NOT CALL OR ALERT THEM. If we’re trying to mimic the illegal alien process, we need to show up uninvited, unexpected and certainly unannounced.
  5. Walk on in.
  6. Sit down at the dinner table. Wait to be fed – it’s your right, yes?
  7. Oh sure, there will be some incredulity at your big brass set for walking your whole family in and plopping down uninvited, but that’s the point, isn’t it?
  8. WTF??? They’re feeding you tuna noodle casserole? But your family doesn’t LIKE tuna – it’s against your “Steakatarian” religion and ethnic upbringing. Protest immediately. You’re being treated unfairly. Tuna is NOT served back in YOUR home and these people are NOT respecting YOUR native customs. Frickin’ insensitive, bigoted, and probably racist, b*stards. It is ON.
  9. Oh sure, your unsuspecting hosts will likely start getting a bit hostile by now and ask you to leave.
  10. Not a problem. Since you have your family of 5 there and there’s only 2 of them – CALL FOR AN ELECTION!  Obviously YOUR family will vote to stay – and likely vote to be fed steak (as wholly appropriate) instead of that HORRIBLE tuna noodle casserole.
  11. Since you’re now in the voting process already, vote yourselves into all the bedrooms. There’s a pullout couch that will be fine for your hosts. I mean seriously, they should provide for you here, yes?
  12. And it only gets better.  Have a good time with it. Hang out for a few months. Doesn’t matter that your hosts are working fulltime already, or that they are now running up their credit cards and still slowly going broke.  All in an attempt trying to feed you, bathe you, clothe you, provide for all of your family’s needs.   At this point, you NOW have the majority voting block in your appropriated house – so they’re completely at your mercy no matter HOW ridiculous your demands are. You’ll be in the catbird’s seat. And if you DON’T immediately get your way? You’ll have all sorts of opportunities to make their life miserable. You’ll be able to file lawsuits claiming it’s illegal that they withhold food from you, force you to leave – pretty much anything you want to do.

Attention Liberals – this is the society you are creating. You can’t welcome millions of aliens – and their friends/relatives – over for a party that never ends.  When we cross over the 20 TRILLION dollars in debt mark – tell me HOW these “Let’s give everybody everything for free” policies make ANY sense. Please.  Someone has to pay eventually. There are certainly places that we can cut – but that will be a rant for another day.

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