Never enough hours in a day

Everybody says it. I know. But I swear to God, I get up usually around 4 am (though as it gets light later, my body seems to want to stay in bed longer…)  and I get to the end of the day, my eyes and contacts start drying out, I get irritable and start blinking incessantly.  Ugh. And I still never seem to get everything done I want.  Either I need to bump things like making dinner and rely on some nukrowaved crap for the fiancee (we live together – and her dad lives here with us for now…), or I end up not getting some likely crucial change done on a website.

But more annoying, I often get these crazy ass thoughts in my head that I want to follow up on – or at least remember and flesh out one day. Problematically while they linger up there briefly, I know in 20 minutes I will have forgotten all about them and moved on. Those ideas/thoughts will never be heard from again. Oh maybe PART of the idea will return or a hazy concept, but in all likelihood, it’s gone for good.

But why are you wasting your time up here, E?  You could be taking care of so many OTHER things? Simple – THIS is where those crazy ass thoughts that I want to revisit will live.  From ranting about my most recent experience with a moron of a virtual assistant – I’m just WAITING to get started on that one – to my trials and tribulations with the garden this summer – to the fun of dealing with a chronically skinny fiancee that feels like she needs to help my on MY diet – while she stuffs her face with Breyers ice cream smothered in Hersheys chocolate syrup – after eating half a bag of Ruffles.

Sadly, this stuff lingers and bothers me… UNTIL i can get it out. And that’s EXACTLY what you are going to be finding here!

Hey – and check back – there’s gonna be some fun!


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